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Geum ‘Bell Bank’

Geum Bell Bank - suburban-gardenApril for me is the month of geums. There is just something so adorable about their
drooping heads and bright green leaves. Geum ‘Bell Bank’ is one of the spring flowering geums that provides a wealth of colour just as daffodils and tulips are starting to fade. And I just adore the peachy- pink colour petals.

Geums are really easy to grow and extremely hardy plants. They grow well in pots and are suitable for all soil conditions except dry and heavy clay. If you have clay soil, you can still plant geums in the ground, I would just recommend that you add plenty of organic matter before planting as well as a mixture of grit and compost.

Geum ‘Bell Bank’ is more suited to being planted in more moisture retentive soil in dappled shade however other spring geums are more tolerant of full or part sun. Read more at: tinyurl.com/mecuyck.

I have started to ‘collect’ geums and grow at least ten different types in our garden. What plants have you started to collect?



Geum ‘Bell Bank’

Geum Bell Bank - suburban-gardenApril’s plant of the month is Geum ‘Bell Bank’.

These are useful plants for woodland type settings and will flower after the first flush of spring colour.

I’ve collected geums ever since a holiday to Northumberland where I brought my first geum at a local market. Since then I’ve learnt that they prefer moist, well-drained, rich soil but will cope with being placed in pots. I don’t know what it is about geums but I think they are so beautiful.

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